Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Surprise Package Is....

Yes, that is a Plastic Khador Heavy Warjack Box that I scored off of Ebay. But wait, there's more! The box actually contains 2 Plastic Warjack kits!

Here are the contents

The box contained what is pictured above x 2. For those that are not familiar with PP, those cards are the rules, stat lines and damage boxes for the Jacks that could be made.

The nice thing is that the only thing different between the 4 Jacks are the arms, so this is just begging to be magnetized (which unfortunately I suck at). The arms for each Jack are separate assemblies that attach to the shoulder. I also like how the bits are not on the sprue, and upon closer inspection there isn't too much flash or mold lines to remove.

The plastic appears to be a cross between GW's plastic and Forgeworld's resin. I thought it was going to be more along the lines of Forgeworld, but I was pleasantly surprised, it's about a 50 50 mix.

I paid $40 shipped on EBay for 2 Jack kits crammed into 1 box. Retail for one of these bad boys is $35 USD. Even at retail price it's a good deal. GWs Dreadnoughts go from $43 to $45 USD and while they're nice, I personally think that Warjacks just look cooler and have a bit more personality. I also personally feel that being able to make 4 different Jacks out of one box (with said magnetizing) AND have the rules for them is a better value.

So now I need to figure out how to magnetize these bad boys and figure out a paint scheme. I'm open to any hints or suggestions :D


  1. Gross, plastic Warmachine, ick. All metal, all games.

  2. Chris, The plastic is an ABS type, rather similar to the plastic used in the defunct mongoose SST miniatures line.

    For general modelling, it requires a cement with a tad more bite than regular polycement - something like the cement used by plumbers to join ABS or pvc piping. Either that, or a decent superglue (just sand any shiny bits a little to increase the surface area first).

    That said, welcome to Warmachine. I play Cygnar, with an emphasis on shooty.