Monday, July 12, 2010

Flames of War Early War Announced / Variety is the Spice of Life

So if you listen to Dice Like Thunder (if you don't, give it a shot) you might have heard about Skrivus trying out Flames of War. Honestly I want to try it out as well but I want to be true to my roots and be the Polish. I know we got our asses handed to us but I think it would be interesting and very entertaining to win a game with them, even if it is just one. Well I guess Battlefront heard my wishes and decided to throw the Polish in the game in their early war setting. I believe it's due out in August sometime and I haven't seen any models for the Polish yet but I will be waiting impatiently till this is released. I'm sure the Poles will have some horses, but when you look at the table of contents they list an Armored Train, what's up with that? Sounds interesting...

Since I'm speaking of Fow, early this year at Adepticon I saw a ton of people playing FoW, they almost had a larger turn out than Fantasy players. The thing I noticed with the FoW crowd is that they tend to be a bit older, but they are more than willing to bend over backwards explaining the rules and factions and missions. I was out on a smoke break and I ended up having a half hour discussion about FoW and the guys I was talking to were pretty awesome. So from what I've seen I can see that FoW players are mellower and extremely friendly. Now granted I know there are some of the hardcore Historical buffs that will tell you that those certain units never fought together and all that jazz, but I can appreciate hearing that because I am a HUGE history buff.

So I guess there is now a 3rd game system I'm wanting to try out. Having 2 (possibly 3) 40K armies is more than enough for one game system. I think there's nothing wrong with playing multiple systems. If anything it prevents you from burning out because you are not playing the same game every week.

So any of you play FoW? How many different systems do you play? Let us know!

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  1. I started Flames seriously a few months ago and it's my new love. I needed a more cerebral game that follows it's own core rules throughout the system. Still making mistakes and I haven't gotten too deep into the community of gamers but I'm loving it so far.