Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting back into 40K

Yup you read that right, I'm getting back into 40k. I guess a long break was all that I needed. I started to look at it in a while new light since playing it for the first time in half a year. I came to realize that it's a really fun game!

I even took the liberty to try out a 5th edition codex, you know, before 5th edition goes away. I reached into my gaming bag while I was at the Bunker (been over a year since I've been there) and out came a Grey Knights Codex. Before all of you start yelling CHEESE! and call me a WAAC-Job let me say my peace.

I really liked, I would almost say loved, playing with the GK codex. Having only 20 models and 2 transports really slimmed things down. It made the game a lot less mentally draining and I was able to have almost twice as much fun because of this. The one thing I took from Warmachine and Malifaux and came to love was a lower model count. Granted there were a bit more rules and stats to keep in mind but just having less bodies on the table was a nice change of pace.

There's a theory I read about (can't remember the exact site) that says the human mind can only keep track of so many things at once. After playing the game I played on Friday along with the prior games of Warmachine and Malifaux, I totally buy into this theory. I once started an Ork army in secret and ended up selling it to The Baron before it was completed, mostly because I was incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of models.

What I'm trying to get it is I really hope GW follows the trend of the GK Codex, Less models for a full army. I had so much fun with the GK Codex, I actually bought a box of power armored GKs that I will probably end up using the bits in order to make a GK counts as Exorcists army. I love anything and everything associated with the Badab War so the Exorcists fall into this perfectly considering they are derived from the GKs geneseed.

GW, please take some inspiration from the GK Codex and put it into the Chaos Space Marines or Legions Codex. I, for one, will be forever greatfull that you did.