Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off To Adepticon!!

It's that time of the year again! Packing has begun (and God do I hate to pack) and last minute plans are being made. We have our Dan Abnet interview lined up for later today and I'm sure we will already be running into you guys later tonight. I'm bringing some of my Khador (with not as much as I wanted painted) and 1850 points worth of Black Templars. Due to space issues I can only bring the list I was going to use for the GT that I backed out of.

Hope to see ya there!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

KR Multicase Review

So my KR multicase FINALLY came in today. Considering I ordered the thing the last week of February, I'm not too happy with the shipping time. I understand it's international shipping so that might be the main reason for the delay but I still find it hard to swallow to wait a month for a simple box with foam in it to arrive.

First off the price is right. $38.99 which includes shipping is pretty nice. The box I ordered (just the simple card stock one) had a tray for 6 Heavy Warjacks and 3 trays for small based Warmachine models (18 per tray).

Likes: I like how to foam is soft so it won't scuff up and rub off the paint on the models. It's also pretty pliable so I was easily able to fit a medium base model (The Butcher) into a spot meant for a small based model. Models with what I call "pointy stuff" like Doomreavers and Pikemen fit in pretty well too. The slots are deep enough to accommodate the "point stuff" so they don't protrude out to much and there's enough space in between slots to let the pikes that the Pikemen have sit on.

Dislikes: I really don't like the backing of the trays. It's just about as soft as the rest of the foam on the trays. Considering the vast majority of Warmachine models are metal, they are already starting to sag through the bottom. I don't know how long the backing is going to be able to hold up to the weight of these models. The other thing I didn't like was the tray for the Heavy Warjacks was waaay too big. I easily had about 4 inches of wasted depth in each slot I had to make by plucking foam. Granted I think it's deep enough to easily fit a Khador Gun Carriage but if someone is just lugging around jacks, there's a lot of wasted space.

So overall I don't know what to think. The smaller based stuff fits really nice but the wasted space for the Heavy Jacks isn't cool in my book. I also mortified of the backings of the trays falling apart sooner than later. It's a good price for a decent sized case that will easily tote a 35 to 50 point army but I don't see myself using it as my main means of transportation.

Stay tuned for a review of the Warmachine Battlefoam case I ordered. Hopefully that'll arrive before Adepticon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Incoming: Grey Templars?!

Before I get started, I do not reflect the views of TEW in it's entirety. It is well known that I am very opinionated and slightly biased, so take this with a grain of salt if need be...

So GW dropped pics of the upcoming Grey Knights on their website today. After waiting 5 minutes for the pages to load on their extremely poorly written webpage, I was not impressed. The Dreadknight straight up looks like the robot that Ripley used in "Aliens". The Grey Knights themselves honestly look like Black Templars with Storm Bolters and different shoulder pads. They look so close to Templars that I swear they took the heads and cloaks straight off the Black Templars upgrade sprue.

I can barely tell that the Terminators (shown above) are in Terminator armor.

Lord Draigo (pictured above) looks decent, but once again I can't help but think Templar when I see him.

In my honest opinion, it looks like GW kitbashed their own stuff in order to make the GKs. I guess you start to run out of ideas when half of your armies are Space Marines. I just can't wait for the Black Templars to come out and have people say they look like Grey Knights with different bits...

Now add the rumors that the Codex was changed by the accounting department, GW retweeting people who are drooling over them left and right and the fact that GW posted 3 articles about the GKs in under an hour (one which still will not load properly), this reeks of desperation. Is GW this desperate for sales? What a let down.

At least there's Khador...