Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update: Time To Rethink Things

Well I'm sure almost all of you have heard what happened over in TEW land. Shit went down and it took quite the toll on me. Those of us that are still talking have decided to take some time off in order to relax, reflect, rethink and regroup. After doing well over 100 episodes of Podcasts, transitioning from DLT to TEW and everything else we've been up to I think it's safe to say that a break is well deserved.

I also needed a break from the hobby as well. I still have stuff I bought at Gencon that I haven't even opened up yet. Life has been busy as hell for me as well. Between wedding preparations, family, friends also getting engaged and work it feels life has been a roller coaster as of late.

So unfortunately don't expect to hear much from me for the next few months. You still might hear me do a cameo or two over on The Screaming Heretics (mostly because I'm over at Joe's with She Swizzy) but that might be it. If I'm compelled I might blog here and there though but that's it for the time being. Rest assured I will be, in one way or another, still a part of TEW. And don't worry, Im already signed up for Adepticon. No way in hell am I missing out on that!

I didn't want to leave everyone in the dark so that's why I decided to post up a quick update.

PS. If anyone decides to play SWTOR, hit me up so we all can pick a server to play on.