Saturday, July 17, 2010

Think I'm Burning Out

So I woke up today and reflected upon yesterdays recording session we did for the show and I think I'm burning out on 40K. Now don't get me wrong, I still had fun playing with my Eldar last night, but once again it was against Marines and Marines (even though they were both different flavors of marines). Maybe it's the fact that 60% of the armies in 40K are either some type of Marines or Imperial Guard. Things start to get a bit redundant when the majority of the armies are in one way or the other very similar.

Going on to recording, segment 2 was about the Assault phase. Once again a good chunk of the conversation was about Marines and Guard. How the fuck does Guard get brought up in Assault when they really don't have any assault units? People in the chat on Ustream were getting bored about hearing more Guard talk, especially when the topic is about something Guard sucks at and I felt the same way they did. I tried my best to divert the conversation away from Guard in order to keep things more interesting but it kept on being brought up again. I was shocked that Dan did not bring up Tyranids more because, well, they are an assault based army! Overall I was kind of ticked off which is partially why I was so adamant about saying that Assault Marines are not the best assault unit in the game (point for point).

I'm not trying to bitch about the show here, I love doing the show. It's just that over all I think I am burned out on 40K. I am so looking forward to our non 40K game night that is coming up in the next few weeks and am also looking forward to taking a week off from recording. I need a break....


  1. if GW updated their xenos codices faster and earlier than the bloody space marine ones, people won't burn out so often.

    they fucked up tyranids... or else it would be played more often, everywhere.

  2. Maybe if GW updated some older codices you would see other armies besides marines? I wont be suprised if all you see are blood angel and guard armies by the end of the year.
    Definitly take a break, I have a few times. Just pick a game that people are playing. I have more "flavor of the month" armies for games people dont play anymore its not funny.
    One problem with the guard on your podcast is you have two guard players so its going to come up. Not surpised Dan didnt bring up the nids, he doesnt seem to be into them much.

  3. Take a break, it is good for you. I haven't played a 40K game in about a month and I am starting to get the itch a little. There are plenty of games out there why limit yourself to only one?

  4. I had the most miserable case of burn out a few months ago. I started to blog so that I could blow off a little steam and I started Flames of War and started reading some Warmachine rules. As far as I can tell you've done two of those three things already. I'm not saying that Flames is the panacea for all people's gaming woes but it hit the perfect spot me me and my friends. It's time to change it up with a system that you know you'll like or take a break or a slow down. Something that I recommend a lot to during a slow down period are board games. You can get a lot of value out of a 60 dollar board game and if you want to keep the theme Fantasy Flight has board games and card games that are inside of the 40k/Fantasy range.

  5. I had the exact same problem a few months ago. I picked up some Warmachine starter boxes and played Last Night on Earth for a few weeks. Then I listened to 11th company's early shows and it stimulated playing the game with a different point of view. Now I'm full bore painting a new army and getting games 2 or 3 days a week. Also, be sure to play some combat patrols now and then.