Friday, July 2, 2010

Initial Night Spinner Tactica

Why is this an Initial Tactica? Because I've only used it once in a game. I know it's not a good idea to post a Tactica on a unit you've only used once, but hear me out. The game in where I used the Night Spinner was an epiphany, it really opened up my eyes. I feel that with GW just giving one new unit to the Eldar, they have been updated and have a better chance against the big boys (Guard, BAs, SWs). After using the Night Spinner, my mind has been working overtime thinking of new ways to use this awesomely versatile tank.

First off it's Barage, so you don't need LOS. It has a range of 12-72" and with this vehicle being a Fast Skimmer, you can reach out and touch who ever you want. Str 6 with Rending Large Blast is more powerful than you think. I know there's no AP on the weapon but so what. Most of the time you will be rolling 2s to wound infantry and the random Rend thrown in there is pretty sweet as well. I feel that the kicker to this weapon is against vehicles. Str 6 Rending on Side Armor is nothing to scoff at. This weapon will reliably pop open transports. If you're going up against an army with some vehicle squadrons (I'm looking at you Guard), even better because you only need an Immobilized in order to get a kill.

The Spinner Weapon's base stats on it's own is nice but the Monofilament Web is the real star of the show when it comes to the Night Spinner. Anything getting hit with the large template has to make a Difficult AND Dangerous terrain check next time they move for any reason. Re read that last sentence and let it sink in for a bit. Giving an ability that slows down your opponent to the fastest army in the game is such a huge advantage it's not even funny. This makes Eldar even faster then before because of the Difficult and Dangerous terrain checks your opponent needs to make. By being even faster than you opponent, you open up a brand new book of tactics involving setting up your opponent by out maneuvering him/her. Being able to slow down that 30 Boy Ork mob by just an inch could give you another round of uncontested shooting or a chance to get that Wave Serpent moved over to a flank.

Maneuvering is one advantage, but making your opponent make those Difficult and Dangerous terrain checks is huge. Your opponent might only fail one or two Dangerous Terrain checks for infantry units but think of it as a free kill. Your weapon is supposed to do the killing, anything else you get from the Web is a bonus when it comes to Infantry. Now even if that unit has to fall back they still have to make those Dangerous terrain checks, so if your opponent makes a really bad roll, you might get lucky and wipe that unit out.

The Web rule against vehicles is the true strength of the Night Spinner. Immobilizing a vehicle can really put a damper on things. Keep in mind the rule states anything HIT with the Web has to make the terrain checks, you don't need to wound or glance or pen. I have been thinking of using this to my advantage against Mech Guard. They tend to clump up their tanks real close to one another so I would be able to get multiple tanks with one Night Spinner hit. It's also good for high AV tanks. For example you have a Land Raider that you know is going to be rammed down your throat. If you hit it with the Spinner and it fails it's Difficult Terrain, it's Immobilized, and we all know that a Immobilized LR is a huge blow to it's owner. Now if there's a squadron of vehicles (Killa Kans or Leman Russes), you will destroy a vehicle if any of them get Immobilized.

You get all of this versatility for only 115 points! I think GW has done an amazing job with adding this tank to the Eldar arsenal and I honestly feel that just adding one unit makes a huge difference to an army. Please GW, do this with other armies.

So what are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks you can think of? Are you one of people out there thinking this tank is overprice, or overpowered? Sound off and let us know!

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  1. I think you are correct. I use a Thunderfire Cannon to do some of the same things, and generally find it useful.