Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Surprise Package Is....

Yes, that is a Plastic Khador Heavy Warjack Box that I scored off of Ebay. But wait, there's more! The box actually contains 2 Plastic Warjack kits!

Here are the contents

The box contained what is pictured above x 2. For those that are not familiar with PP, those cards are the rules, stat lines and damage boxes for the Jacks that could be made.

The nice thing is that the only thing different between the 4 Jacks are the arms, so this is just begging to be magnetized (which unfortunately I suck at). The arms for each Jack are separate assemblies that attach to the shoulder. I also like how the bits are not on the sprue, and upon closer inspection there isn't too much flash or mold lines to remove.

The plastic appears to be a cross between GW's plastic and Forgeworld's resin. I thought it was going to be more along the lines of Forgeworld, but I was pleasantly surprised, it's about a 50 50 mix.

I paid $40 shipped on EBay for 2 Jack kits crammed into 1 box. Retail for one of these bad boys is $35 USD. Even at retail price it's a good deal. GWs Dreadnoughts go from $43 to $45 USD and while they're nice, I personally think that Warjacks just look cooler and have a bit more personality. I also personally feel that being able to make 4 different Jacks out of one box (with said magnetizing) AND have the rules for them is a better value.

So now I need to figure out how to magnetize these bad boys and figure out a paint scheme. I'm open to any hints or suggestions :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look what came in the mail!

I'll leave it up to you guys to guess what's inside :D

Trying something new, sort of...

Well first off I'd like to apologize for not posting for quite some time. I've been taking a break from 40K because, well I needed it. I just got off the phone with Tricky Dick and we are doing something different tomorrow. We are going to write each others lists. I did this a while ago with Mack, and it was really really fun. So in this case, Rich will be writing my 1750 Eldar list and I will be writing his 1750 Space Marines list. I'm not sure if I'm going to just go vanilla or go with either the Wolves or Blood Anuses, but things should be interesting. We figured that by doing this we can keep things fresh and interesting because most of us have been playing variations of the same list as of late.

Stay tuned for a battle report on the show and also on this blog!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hyper List!

For those that don't know, the hyperlist idea is basically building your list 4th Edition Style. 4th Edition lists consisted of minimal troop selections and a lot of heavy hitting units. I figured since both of my armies are 4th edition codexes (Black Templars and Eldar), I would give this a shot. So here is my initial 1750 point Eldar hyperlist.

TOTAL = 210

Runes of Witnessing

TOTAL = 90


Rangers x 5
TOTAL = 95

Rangers x 5
TOTAL = 95


Harlequin Troupe x10
8 Kisses
2 fusion Pistols
Wave Serpent
TL Scatter Lasers
Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 365

Fire Dragons x5
TOTAL = 80

Striking Scorpions x 10
Scorpion Claw
Wave Serpent
Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 335

Heavy Support

Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 125

TOTAL = 170

War Walkers x 3
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser
Scatter Laser EML
TOTAL = 185

I used normal Rangers because I just plan on putting them in reserve and possibly outflank with them in order to grab objectives. Hopefully the rest of the army keeps enough of my opponents army in check so the Rangers can just run over to an objective (with Move Through Cover helping out quite a bit) and go to ground for a +2 save. Otherwise the idea is to doom as much stuff as I can and destroy it with either focus fire from the tanks or the Harlis and Scorps shredding stuff in assault. The Scorps Wave Serpent and the War Walkers are being outflanked as well in order to make bring on the heat from multiple directions. 

I also have a 2000 Point variation of this list that involves the Rangers being in Wave Serpents that Outflank as well and an Autarch that gives me a +1 to my reserves roll. That list will be a pure "hold everything in reserve" list.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Think I'm Burning Out

So I woke up today and reflected upon yesterdays recording session we did for the show and I think I'm burning out on 40K. Now don't get me wrong, I still had fun playing with my Eldar last night, but once again it was against Marines and Marines (even though they were both different flavors of marines). Maybe it's the fact that 60% of the armies in 40K are either some type of Marines or Imperial Guard. Things start to get a bit redundant when the majority of the armies are in one way or the other very similar.

Going on to recording, segment 2 was about the Assault phase. Once again a good chunk of the conversation was about Marines and Guard. How the fuck does Guard get brought up in Assault when they really don't have any assault units? People in the chat on Ustream were getting bored about hearing more Guard talk, especially when the topic is about something Guard sucks at and I felt the same way they did. I tried my best to divert the conversation away from Guard in order to keep things more interesting but it kept on being brought up again. I was shocked that Dan did not bring up Tyranids more because, well, they are an assault based army! Overall I was kind of ticked off which is partially why I was so adamant about saying that Assault Marines are not the best assault unit in the game (point for point).

I'm not trying to bitch about the show here, I love doing the show. It's just that over all I think I am burned out on 40K. I am so looking forward to our non 40K game night that is coming up in the next few weeks and am also looking forward to taking a week off from recording. I need a break....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Flames of War Early War Announced / Variety is the Spice of Life

So if you listen to Dice Like Thunder (if you don't, give it a shot) you might have heard about Skrivus trying out Flames of War. Honestly I want to try it out as well but I want to be true to my roots and be the Polish. I know we got our asses handed to us but I think it would be interesting and very entertaining to win a game with them, even if it is just one. Well I guess Battlefront heard my wishes and decided to throw the Polish in the game in their early war setting. I believe it's due out in August sometime and I haven't seen any models for the Polish yet but I will be waiting impatiently till this is released. I'm sure the Poles will have some horses, but when you look at the table of contents they list an Armored Train, what's up with that? Sounds interesting...

Since I'm speaking of Fow, early this year at Adepticon I saw a ton of people playing FoW, they almost had a larger turn out than Fantasy players. The thing I noticed with the FoW crowd is that they tend to be a bit older, but they are more than willing to bend over backwards explaining the rules and factions and missions. I was out on a smoke break and I ended up having a half hour discussion about FoW and the guys I was talking to were pretty awesome. So from what I've seen I can see that FoW players are mellower and extremely friendly. Now granted I know there are some of the hardcore Historical buffs that will tell you that those certain units never fought together and all that jazz, but I can appreciate hearing that because I am a HUGE history buff.

So I guess there is now a 3rd game system I'm wanting to try out. Having 2 (possibly 3) 40K armies is more than enough for one game system. I think there's nothing wrong with playing multiple systems. If anything it prevents you from burning out because you are not playing the same game every week.

So any of you play FoW? How many different systems do you play? Let us know!

Friday, July 9, 2010

1750 Eldar Seer Council List

This is what I'm bringing to the Bunker today. Since everyone is making 1750 lists, here's mine.

1750 Eldar Seer Council Tournament List

Jetbike Seer Council
Farseer = 55
Runes of Warding = 15
Spirit Stones = 20
Eldar Jetbike = 30
Doom = 25
Fortune = 30
TOTAL = 175

6 Warlocks on Jetbikes = 270
1 with Witchblade and Enchance = 15
1 with Witchblade and Destructor = 10
1 with Witchblade and Destructor = 10
1 with Singing Spear and Destructor = 13
1 with Singing Spear and Destructor = 13
1 with Singing Spear and Embolden = 9
TOTAL = 340
TOTAL = 515


5 Rangers = 95

10 Dire Avengers = 120
Exarch = 12
Bladestorm = 15
Wave Serpent = 90
TL Scatter Lasers = 25
Spirit Stones = 10
TOTAL = 272

10 Dire Avengers = 120
Exarch = 12
Bladestorm = 15
Wave Serpent = 90
TL Scatter Lasers = 25
Spirit Stones = 10
Shuriken Cannon = 10
TOTAL = 282


6 Fire Dragons = 96


Falcon = 115
Holo Fields = 35
Spirit Stones = 10
Shuriken Cannon = 5
TOTAL = 165

Night Spinner = 115
Spirit Stones = 10
Star Engines = 15
TOTAL = 140

3 War Walkers = 90
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser = 30
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser = 30
Scatter Laser EML = 35
TOTAL = 185

So obviously the Fire Dragons go inside the falcon. The Rangers will infiltrate and be set up as bait, Night Spinner will sit back and slow down my opponent, everything else is fast enough to set the stage for the Seer Council to melt faces. Walkers will probably out flank in order to keep bring the heat from multiple directions. Also put Star Engines on the Night Spinner in order to get 36" to contest an objective at the end of the game. It might not look that great on paper, but if I plan my movements out well enough, I should be able to handle most anything.
What do you think?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Initial Night Spinner Tactica

Why is this an Initial Tactica? Because I've only used it once in a game. I know it's not a good idea to post a Tactica on a unit you've only used once, but hear me out. The game in where I used the Night Spinner was an epiphany, it really opened up my eyes. I feel that with GW just giving one new unit to the Eldar, they have been updated and have a better chance against the big boys (Guard, BAs, SWs). After using the Night Spinner, my mind has been working overtime thinking of new ways to use this awesomely versatile tank.

First off it's Barage, so you don't need LOS. It has a range of 12-72" and with this vehicle being a Fast Skimmer, you can reach out and touch who ever you want. Str 6 with Rending Large Blast is more powerful than you think. I know there's no AP on the weapon but so what. Most of the time you will be rolling 2s to wound infantry and the random Rend thrown in there is pretty sweet as well. I feel that the kicker to this weapon is against vehicles. Str 6 Rending on Side Armor is nothing to scoff at. This weapon will reliably pop open transports. If you're going up against an army with some vehicle squadrons (I'm looking at you Guard), even better because you only need an Immobilized in order to get a kill.

The Spinner Weapon's base stats on it's own is nice but the Monofilament Web is the real star of the show when it comes to the Night Spinner. Anything getting hit with the large template has to make a Difficult AND Dangerous terrain check next time they move for any reason. Re read that last sentence and let it sink in for a bit. Giving an ability that slows down your opponent to the fastest army in the game is such a huge advantage it's not even funny. This makes Eldar even faster then before because of the Difficult and Dangerous terrain checks your opponent needs to make. By being even faster than you opponent, you open up a brand new book of tactics involving setting up your opponent by out maneuvering him/her. Being able to slow down that 30 Boy Ork mob by just an inch could give you another round of uncontested shooting or a chance to get that Wave Serpent moved over to a flank.

Maneuvering is one advantage, but making your opponent make those Difficult and Dangerous terrain checks is huge. Your opponent might only fail one or two Dangerous Terrain checks for infantry units but think of it as a free kill. Your weapon is supposed to do the killing, anything else you get from the Web is a bonus when it comes to Infantry. Now even if that unit has to fall back they still have to make those Dangerous terrain checks, so if your opponent makes a really bad roll, you might get lucky and wipe that unit out.

The Web rule against vehicles is the true strength of the Night Spinner. Immobilizing a vehicle can really put a damper on things. Keep in mind the rule states anything HIT with the Web has to make the terrain checks, you don't need to wound or glance or pen. I have been thinking of using this to my advantage against Mech Guard. They tend to clump up their tanks real close to one another so I would be able to get multiple tanks with one Night Spinner hit. It's also good for high AV tanks. For example you have a Land Raider that you know is going to be rammed down your throat. If you hit it with the Spinner and it fails it's Difficult Terrain, it's Immobilized, and we all know that a Immobilized LR is a huge blow to it's owner. Now if there's a squadron of vehicles (Killa Kans or Leman Russes), you will destroy a vehicle if any of them get Immobilized.

You get all of this versatility for only 115 points! I think GW has done an amazing job with adding this tank to the Eldar arsenal and I honestly feel that just adding one unit makes a huge difference to an army. Please GW, do this with other armies.

So what are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks you can think of? Are you one of people out there thinking this tank is overprice, or overpowered? Sound off and let us know!