Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hyper List!

For those that don't know, the hyperlist idea is basically building your list 4th Edition Style. 4th Edition lists consisted of minimal troop selections and a lot of heavy hitting units. I figured since both of my armies are 4th edition codexes (Black Templars and Eldar), I would give this a shot. So here is my initial 1750 point Eldar hyperlist.

TOTAL = 210

Runes of Witnessing

TOTAL = 90


Rangers x 5
TOTAL = 95

Rangers x 5
TOTAL = 95


Harlequin Troupe x10
8 Kisses
2 fusion Pistols
Wave Serpent
TL Scatter Lasers
Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 365

Fire Dragons x5
TOTAL = 80

Striking Scorpions x 10
Scorpion Claw
Wave Serpent
Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 335

Heavy Support

Spirit Stones
TOTAL = 125

TOTAL = 170

War Walkers x 3
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser
Scatter Laser Scatter Laser
Scatter Laser EML
TOTAL = 185

I used normal Rangers because I just plan on putting them in reserve and possibly outflank with them in order to grab objectives. Hopefully the rest of the army keeps enough of my opponents army in check so the Rangers can just run over to an objective (with Move Through Cover helping out quite a bit) and go to ground for a +2 save. Otherwise the idea is to doom as much stuff as I can and destroy it with either focus fire from the tanks or the Harlis and Scorps shredding stuff in assault. The Scorps Wave Serpent and the War Walkers are being outflanked as well in order to make bring on the heat from multiple directions. 

I also have a 2000 Point variation of this list that involves the Rangers being in Wave Serpents that Outflank as well and an Autarch that gives me a +1 to my reserves roll. That list will be a pure "hold everything in reserve" list.

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