Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Step In The Right Direction

You've heard us gripe about GW not progressing the story line multiple times on the show. Instead of beating a dead horse I instead decided to look on the brighter side. I decided to look at the current fluff that's out there and just read into it more. Coincidentally, Forge World released Imperial Armor 9 which is all about the Badab War.

Granted, I don't own it (yet) and all I've seen was while I was browsing through Dave's copy, but OMG Forge World, you did one hell of a job. Committing two books to the biggest Inter-Astartes conflict since the Horus Hersey means there's a TON of fluff and content to make any 40K player water at the mouth. Face it, the Horus Heresy was the biggest event in 40k cannon. I feel that the Badab War is like a modern, mini Horus Heresy and hopefully a sign of things to come in the future of 40K.

I've been searching and reading countless articles on the internet about the Badab War and I just get more and more interested. I even got a great idea to start another army, The Astral Claws. Now trust me, I'm not going to use ideas that don't make sense and use a Codex I've been using for the past year with this army... I have some really good and original ideas that are really making my creative side come out. I plan on making the army flexible enough where they can use which ever Space Marines Codex I plan to use, but also to where they can also be Chaos Space Marines. After all, we all know the Astral Claws turn into the Red Corsairs. I'll keep you guys updated on my progress with this army, but I don't think I'll be starting it right away.

So basically the point I'm trying to make is if GW isn't going to progress the story line, at least go more in depth with the fluff you have out now. 2 Imperial Armor books for 1 conflict is a great step in the right direction.