Monday, August 2, 2010

I want this for my Birthday sooooo bad

Thought I was going to bring Warmachine up again huh? Well while I also want a Khador Plastic Starter Box, I really want one of these Caestus Assault Rams as well. Look at the thing, IT'S DISGUSTING!!!

Rules for this bad boy are right here

Now imagine this, 10 Black Templar Sword Brethren Assault Terminators with Twin Lightening Claws and Furious Charge assaulting out of this bad boy. Look at the top of my blog to see my thoughts about that.. LOL. I really can't think of any units that can live up to 40 Str 5 Init 5 reroll to hit and wound power weapon attacks. Now give them Thunder Hammers have them assault the row of Chimeras that Mech Guard like to showcase.... The ideas of things my Templars could do with this thing are almost limitless. I'm not even going to touch how badass ramming with this thing is, ask anyone who has played against my Eldar, I ram A LOT!

As for the critics that say this thing is ugly, keep it mind it's a Space Marine vehicle, they are built with function over form. A vehicle meant to ram other vehicle's isn't going to look pretty. I have a feeling that if I get one I'm going to have to put the Waste Management logo on it somewhere, LOL.

Forgeworld, you are the shit. Just 1 vehicle has renewed my interest in 40k, specifically with my Templars. Now I just hope I can get some good games in with this thing before my codex gets updated.

So She-Swizzy, if you're reading this, I don't think I could have dropped a bigger hint, LOL.


  1. I thought it was a little ugly at first, but then I read the background, and the construction made a little more sense.

    This is one Forge World piece I expect to see a lot of; I think most marine players just said "Hey look, they released the Stormraven."

  2. lol, a waste management logo, that's so perfect! Initially I didn't like it either, it has grown on me a bit though (at least until i contemplate the cost of it).

  3. Is that really what you want me to get you for your birthday? I was typically thinking I would have ended up going the technology route again with the gift but if your sure then consider it yours honey... but there were a few obvious tech pieces I was considering... I imagine I'm going to have to wait to see what things you buy yourself between now and then... you tend to do that sometimes...

  4. I am in agreement on this thing. While not a fan of Forgeworld models, I gave it a look. I kept seeing blogs on how ugly it was over and over so I went and took a peek at the rules. All I could say is WOW! Who cares how it looks, it's a monster. If I were still a marine player I would totally be wanting one of these.

    It does deserve the 'waste management' log though. Good touch.