Friday, August 27, 2010

Forces of Warmachine: Khador

So I finally got my Khador book and while I haven't read all of it yet, I can tell you it's awesome. The fluff is AWESOME. The rules section gives rules for every unit that currently has a model (no Stormraven BS here guys). It's full color but it costs $35. You really don't need it, you can just buy your faction deck for about $15 but I wanted all the fluff and Tier Lists. For those who don't know what Tier Lists are, they are PP's way of catering to the fluff player while still keeping them competitive. Every Warcaster has Tier Lists. The Tier list reflects what forces normally go into battle with said Warcaster. When all prerequisites for the list are covered, your whole army gets a bonus. The Tiers also ramp up from 1 to 4.

So granted this book costs a little bit more than a GW codex, but it's full color, provides fluff that actually progresses the storyline in Warmachine, gives fluff lists that give you bonus and has rules for all models that are currently out.

GW will you please get a clue?


  1. How about the missing Man O' War Bombadiers? They havent even shown a picture of them yet...

  2. I still think the game suffers from the abuse-ment of the two most powerful factions... Menoth and Cryx.

    Damage negation / transferance and undead stuff... all systems suffer from this when such things are introduced and not keep in check.

  3. GW should definitely start doing their 40K material in full color. That's long overdue.

    I don't know about moving the universe forward too much, though.

    That seems to work for Warmachine,and it certainly worked wonders for Battletech, but in my mind, at least, not taking the overall story much more forward in 40k *works* for me... emphasizes that sense of entropy that is such a huge part of 40k's ambiance.