Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unit of the Week:Warmachine MkII Rulebook

Wait a second, a rule book isn't a unit!

I know, I know but hear me out on this.

So GW came out with a new FAQ for 40k, (available here) and it kind of got me going a little. Let me bring your attention to the very first sentence "Although we strive to ensure that our books are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in". And then there's 6 pages of amendments, clarifications and errata. So I read all 6 pages and it really affirmed my belief that 5th edition 40K is very flawed. The rules are way too broad and general, not enough specifics. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate GW attempting to fix their mistakes, but there's just too much to fix at times...

So after reading the FAQ, I picked up my Warmachine Prime MKII book and gave it a quick glancing. Comparing 5th edition to MKII is like comparing day and night. You are very very hard pressed to find a vague rule description in MKII, in fact at times the rules are overly wordy and complex. Do I find that annoying at times, yes, but at lease I know all bases are covered. Privateer Press has also put out FAQs, but nowhere near as bing as that 6 page monster that GW just put out.

So do yourself a favor, pick up a copy of MKII and see what a well written rule set is like.

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  1. I love the Warmachine/Hordes Mark II rules. I still love my 40K but Warmachine/Hordes rules are definitely much better written and more fun to play