Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Roll up your sleeves and help a brutha out!

A good friend of mine and one of the pillars of the 40K blogging/podcasting world, Big Jim of www.galaxyinflames.blogspot.com (aka BDJV on almost every message forum) had a terrible thing happen to him today. Some jag off broke into his car and stole his Chaos Space Marines army, most notably his Soul Reapers.

I would be devastated and probably on a rampage if this ever happened to me. The AWESOME people over at The Independent Characters have started a thread hoping that people can help out Big Jim. Myself and She Swizzy have already pledged a donation, I would hope that some of you out there in internet land could do the same. We're a tight nit community, so let's help each other out :D

BTW here's the URL for the thread on the ICs forums http://www.theindependentcharacters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=706


  1. If his Chaos Marines were ALL that was removed from his car, he might want to start looking at his friends/opponents REAL hard right about now. I don't think your average dirtball looking to sell a stolen radio would bother with just a box full of toy soldiers.

  2. I'm not exactly sure if anything else was removed. If it was stored inside a suitcase then the shit head might have taken it assuming that's what it was, not an army transport bag. Either way Jim should have had a police report written up just in case.

  3. Thanks for the support.

    Also taken from the back of the van was my small emergency toolbox and a small bag of burned CD's. There were other cars busted into at the same time.

    This happened in the work parking lot.

    The minis were in a Sabol army transport bag.

    A report was filed.


  4. I would be looking on craigslist BDJV, i know when my friends army was stolen i found some idiot trying to sell it on there and when i met him to buy it i had the police and my friend with me. it's good when you have detailed pictures with you and you're models. I wish you the best of luck brother.