Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adepticon 2011 Registration Begins!

So registration has already begun for the most bad ass Con in the world! Just head over to and get signed up! Yours truly has already registered and signed up for the 40K GT which I will be bringing my Black Templars to. I previously stated I will only be playing my Templars up until Adepticon because I want to be the highest ranked Black Templars player there.

I also signed up for the Killzone event on Sunday. If you don't know what Killzone is, it's a homebrew rule set made by the infamous Big Jim (aka BDJV) and all the info you need about it is over at It is quite the awesome ruleset for some skirmish action. I'm also contemplating giving my Eldar another whirl in combat patrol which will probably end up being on Saturday. Also look for the She-Swizzy to make her combat patrol debut during Adepticon 2011 as well :D

I really wanted to sign up for a Warmachine tournament (and get my ass smoked in the process) but the Hardcore tournament interferes with the 40K GT. There is however a nice Tier 1 25 point tournament on Saturday but it starts at 11pm and ends at 7am Sunday which might interfere with any social get togethers me and the boys will probably have planned for that night. So I guess I'll have to settle for some pick up games. Wiggles, this means you!

So get signed up and prepare for the time of your life!

See ya there!!

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