Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prime Advice

Primers. Interesting topic amongst some people. Some people don't use primer, some people swear by certain types of primer. Some people are sheep and just use what GW throws in front of you (I was one of those sheep for a long time) and others swear by Army Painter. Some people airbrush, some people put it on with a brush.

Now I mentioned I used to be one of the GW sheep, I actually was for about 2 years. I elected to pay up to $15 a can for primer. Now don't get me wrong, GW's black spray primer is the shit! I had used a lot of it for my Black Templars. It was so good, the primer actually doubled as my primary color. Then I moved on to Eldar and experimented with their white primer. In my opinion, GW's white primer is crap. You need to shake the thing for what seems like an hour in order for it to come out of the can decently, and I still have problems with it being too dusty and flakey. I don't want to be paying $15 for a can of shitty primer.

So I did what any pissed off gamer does, hit up the internet. I read an article on Hogs of War ( and decided to give this Rustoleum a shot.

 First off, the can nearly exploded when I did my first spray. Paint shot out the top of the can and caked my hand in white primer. I'm pasty white enough being Polish and all, so right away I got a bad feeling about it. I continued anyways hoping that maybe it was just a bad can. So I sprayed a spare fig I had lying around and gave it the standard 15 minutes I normaly give my figs to dry before flipping them over to prime the other side. I went to touch the fig and it was still wet and sticky. So I checked up on it every hour. It took 24 hours for it to dry to a point that I could work with it, AND IT WAS STILL STICKY! Sorry Hogs of War, but this primer is crap.

So I continued my search on the internet and found someone on some random board praising the Color Place spray paint you can get at Walmart for $.96. Yes that ninety six cents.

So I picked up a can and tried it out and a random Nob I had lying around (Erin just got a Blackreach set for the Marines to convert to Chaos). It dried in like 10 minutes and came out of the can perfectly. It's not dusty and flakey like the GW stuff. Here's a pic of what this Nob looks like:
As you can see it turned out pretty freaking nice. It takes paint really nicely too. Here's a pick of a nob that I also primed with the Color Place and did a quick speed painting job on (that's ground for a future article)
So, what do you use for primer?


  1. As you can see, my camera sucks.....

  2. A very helpful post! I was actually trying to answer this very question myself when buying some new eldar guardians today. I've finally collected enough that I can paint them all as one big set for an upcoming tournament and couldn't figure out at all what white primer to buy. I remembered from an old episode of DLT to avoid the white primer but now I have something to look for. And for just a dollar, what a steal!

  3. I use Krylon indoor/outdoor primer. Mostly the medium grey color spray, although I do have cans of white and black too.

    It works like a champ.


  4. Gray primer... not too light not too dark... might be worth a try for the rest of my chaos actually... I'm sure I'll learn plenty along the way as far as painting and priming though lol :D Good blog so far honey! (lol yea I just called you honey on your blog)

  5. I use some black auto primer, I think its krylon.

  6. im gonna try this stuff on my skaven...

  7. The Rustoleum primer IS a huge pain in the ass as far as the drying time goes (C Swizzy speaks absolute truth when he says it takes 24 hours to dry properly), but once it's dry, it really nice stuff. Takes a hell of a beating and holds paint nicely. These days, I use it for bigger stuff like buildings and vehicles.

    For troop-sized models that are packed with detail, I've moved on to Reaper brush-on primer. Takes longer than spraying, obviously, but you get all the nooks and crannies covered without loss of detail in other places due to over spraying.

  8. I use Krylon primer now after wasting money with GW and ruining models with Armory. If no one ever buys a can of Armory primer ever again my work in life will be accomplished.

  9. I had been experimenting, and was trying out some of the Krylon white primer for my Bad Moons, but was still getting the fuzzy issues that GW stuff yields. It may just be the Texas heat and humidity playing havoc with it, but then I ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed some of the Color Place stuff, and it works great! Primed up some Boyz that are going to be my scheme tests with very little fuss. The black from the same brand still goes on a bit smoother (had some Word Bearers to prime, too), but the white is the best I've come across. Even though it isn't technically primer it holds paint very well.

  10. For vehicles I use the Color Place black (white for my Eldar ones). For my figures I use Armoury Primer. Black for armored figs, Grey if there's flesh or brighter colors needed. I love the Armoury stuff. It dries quickly, leaves a flat even coat and is only $5.95! Unfortunately, in the 15+ years I've been using it, I've developed a mild allergy to it.