Sunday, May 23, 2010

How does this work? LOL

Well after listing to the Gamer's Lounge (Hi Bill and Jay!), I decided to experiment with this whole blogging thing.

What am I going to be posting here? I have no idea but I'm sure some of it will be AWESOME and some of it will be DISGUSTING! I'll probably use this as a log for current projects I'm working on (maybe even a little tid bit about the secret one I'm busting my ass off on now), a lot of venting or ranting I would assume and possibly some calling out. I will try to focus on just 40k but I will probably touch on other things like console and PC/Mac games, some sports, some music, some tech talk, a little bit of politics and maybe some firearms talk. I'm mostly doing this for me, I have no plans on competing with the other "big boy" blogs out there.

So feel free to follow me or subscribe to my RSS feed (wow, I feel important now!) and please mind the dust because this will be a perpetual work in progress.

C Swizzy

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