Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Khador WIP Pics

Well I'm posting these up a day late but I guess that's better than never. I don't know how to use She-Swizzy's awesome DSLR I got her for Xmas so I had to resort to my shitty cell phone camera.

I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!

This is the best pic out of 10 that I've taken.
I'm some what sticking to the traditional Khador color scheme and why not? It's an AWESOME paint scheme but I will try to add a little more black here and there.

So far I've been loving the P3 paints. Their red is outstanding and blows GW's Blood Red out of the water. So far I only have the paints in the Khador painting set but I hope to expand.

I'm sure my future figs will look better, these were the test dummies.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Chris,

    Great looking models, especiaaly the 'jack - I like the look of Warcmachines/Hordes, and am enjoying the increased coverage on The Eternal Warriors.
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Hey man, looks like you are off to great start. I'm starting Khador too and I love the Khador color scheme.


  3. Looking good so far chris, I agree, P3 paint is great. Let me suggest the next few (read several) colors you should get.

    Skorne Red, Great shadow/mid tone for red paint schemes. This is my go to red color that usually gets highlighted with Khador Red base.

    Thamar Black, Obviously you will need a Black, this is one of the best on the Market I think.

    Coal Black, this is a turquoise grey/black color which makes highlighting black a breeze. I have also start using it instead of black on some models when painting details. Just give the model a base coat of this color, a good wash of GW Badab Black Wash, and then highlight with Greycoat Grey with a bit of Coal Black mix in to tone the colors together.

    Jack Bone, A slightly darker Bleach Bone color, great for adding into colors to highlights or using as a midtone for bone. I also use it to drybrush lightly over Browns on bases as a final highlight.

    Menoth White Highlight, great color, one of the best in the line. It is a slightly off white color that gives you a truer white color then pure white.

    Morrow White, an obvious color to have. However I only used it to highlight the most extreme edges of things that are white and use Menoth White Highlight for everything else including eyes, teeth, and to brighten up highlighting mixes.

    Bootstrap Leather, your basic leather color. You can wash it with a variety of colors to get all sorts of effects.

    Cryx Bane Base, lots of uses, good base color for dirty cloth, anything you want to end up drab or worn, and a variety of other uses. It is sort of a Green/Grey with a bit of bone mixed into it.

    Bloodstone, great red/brown. Use as base for red hair, some leathers, and when mixed with equal parts Khador Red Highlight (which you already have) and thinned down with water and mixing medium is what I use for Rust.

    Okay I will stop there, but there are many more like Heartfire, which is a great peach/yellow color that can be used to help highlight Reds and in a variety of other situations. Oh and Beast Hide which when washed with GW Gryphone Sepia is the perfect color for animals like Horses. I highly recommend the P3 line for both quality of finish and versatility of the colors as well.